Clessidra Private Equity - Sustainability

Our actions are oriented towards the creation of sustainable solutions, enhancing the value of resources by sustaining results over time and nurturing a trust-based virtuous cycle arising from customer and shareholder satisfaction.

Clessidra Factoring -

We invest in our territory

We want to establish and constantly increase relations with our customers and their suppliers, nurturing mutual trust thanks to our knowledge of and proximity to the local area and its specific challenges.

Clessidra Factoring - Valorizziamo le nostre risorse

We value our resources

We value human relations, promoting professional development, bringing out the aptitudes of individual personalities taking into account the needs of the company, investing in training and perfecting rewarding evaluation systems. We have set up a company welfare system so that the well-being of our employees over time becomes a success factor in processes and in the market.

Clessidra Factoring - Impresa in modo etico

We do business ethically

Our clients and partners are selected so as to avoid business relationships which do not meet the necessary requirements of fairness and reliability, in line with industry regulations (with particular attention to the crimes provided for by Legislative Decree 231/2001) and with internal regulations on anti-money laundering, usury and banking transparency.

Clessidra Factoring - Siamo trasparenti e collaborativi

We are transparent and cooperative

Our suppliers play a key role in the value chain, as it is through their collaboration that we contribute to the day-to-day running of our business. For this reason, we apply to them the same principles of diligence, correctness and transparency of behaviour that characterise our commercial relations with our customers.

Clessidra Factoring - Rispettiamo le persone e l'ambiente

We respect people and the environment

We are committed to designing a work environment that is adequate from the safety point of view and in terms of physical health, in compliance with the provisions of current regulations, using sustainable materials, limiting waste and paying the necessary attention to the environmental consequences of our choices. We work to ensure that Clessidra Factoring can make a significant impact in terms of environmental sustainability, both in the short and long term.