Specialised Services

Clessidra Factoring - Servizi Specializzati

Clessidra Factoring offers its clients a comprehensive range of products and services, with a high specialization in the financing and management of corporate receivables.

By factoring product we manage trade receivables financing, guaranteeing against the risk of insolvency of their clients. Factoring product can be deployed as follows.

Clessidra Factoring - Finanziamento crediti

Credit financing

Clessidra Factoring offers its clients the possibility of financing trade-receivables both in Italy and abroad by advancing the relative payment.
Flexible and customisable, Clessidra Factoring’s financing follows the growth of the turnover of client companies and adapts to the company’s management cycle.
It is possible for corporate clients to finance themselves according to their own growth rates, without having to incur any additional debt.

Clessidra Factoring - Gestione crediti

Credit Management

Clessidra Factoring handles the entire trade-receivables management, issuing payment reminders, recording collections and recovering receivables relating to assigned invoices.
In order to guarantee high quality standards, Clessidra Factoring provides its customers with a team of experts specialised in credit management activities.

Clessidra Factoring - Garanzia contro insolvenza

The guarantee against client insolvency

In the event of the insolvency of assigned debtors, Clessidra Factoring offers coverage of up to 100% of the invoice amount. Clessidra Factoring’s clients can thus select their own customers and be able to make fast and reliable commercial decisions.
All these services can be provided individually or in different combinations, giving rise to a range of products tailored to each client.

Clessidra Factoring - Factoring Indiretto

Reverse Factoring

A service that allows suppliers to collect receivables in advance from the debtor company through a specific agreement that Clessidra Factoring has entered into.
This product provides for an “inversion” of the traditional factoring process, since it is the debtor who decides to use this option in order to optimise the management of its debt cycle.
Reverse Factoring is targeted to large and medium-sized industrial or commercial groups, in order to rationalise the management of their liability cycle by offering advantageous conditions to their suppliers.