Covid-19 Epidemiological Emergency


In this period of uncertainty and difficulty that we are experiencing as a country, Clessidra Factoring wishes to confirm its full support and availability to its customers.

Despite the epidemiological emergency of COVID-19, Clessidra Factoring, sharing the aims of the measures adopted by the Government to deal with the ongoing emergency (Decree 17 March 2020, no. 18 – “Decreto Cura Italia” as converted by Law 24 April 2020, no. 27 and Decree 8 April 2020, no. 23 – “Liquidity Decree” as converted by Law no. 40 of 5 June 2020), continues its commitment to guaranteeing its customers the ordinary continuation of its activities, through all the initiatives necessary to ensure effective support with respect to the current situation, as well as creating the least inconvenience also with respect to the services for which it uses third parties.

Various measures are aimed at limiting contagion, including through the reduction of interactions, including the reduction of the volume of paper correspondence, preferring the transmission of communications by Certified Electronic Mail.

Clessidra Factoring would like to remind you that by accessing the Home Factoring web portal, customers have access to the data and information generated by the execution of the factoring contract, as well as the possibility of printing the documents issued by the Company (accounting records of acceptance of assignments and disbursement of advances, invoices issued to customers, and documents issued periodically by Clessidra Factoring in compliance with the Transparency Provisions).

It is in the Client’s best interest to prefer operations that provide for the use of Digital Signature and the Certified Electronic Mail channel for the exchange of credit assignments between the Client and Clessidra Factoring and between Clessidra Factoring and the assigned Debtors.

Further information on the measures adopted by the Government, also with reference to the Decrees mentioned above, may be found on the website of the Ministry of the Economy

All of us remain at your complete disposal, and may contact you at the usual telephone numbers.

Clessidra Factoring S.p.A.